"I created bumpsuit for women throughout pregnancy & beyond as a go to layer that can be effortlessly styled into a new outfit each time. One continuous base layer with no bands or seams that dig into a mother's precious growing bump. The material gently stretches with the body as it transitions through the seasons of pregnancy and all other stages of womanhood"

- Nicole Trunfio, founder


I'm just going to get straight to the point, there is nothing easy about pregnancy, the morning sickness is rough, the engorged breasts are nice at times, but painful most of the other time, emotions are high and confusing, your growing belly (and body) makes it harder and harder to maneuver, especially as the pregnancy goes on.... to the point where there is just no way physically possibly for you to bend over anymore to do simple things, like pick something up or put on your shoes...... 

I created BUMPSUIT when I was on my third baby. My first pregnancy, I thought I would show off my bump as much as possible, I was so proud of my growing belly, but now look back in regret at my style choices and wished someone said something! My second pregnancy, scarred from my first experience, I figured "just wear black" and look as chic and mature as possible, but even that was hard.... there were not many style options out there that I liked, or that made me feel confident and comfortable. Getting dressed in the mornings, well, It was rough, there just aren't many options. 

Throughout both pregnancies, I experienced the worst acid reflux. If you have ever experienced it, you know it's not fun. I was told it was because the baby had too much hair, which made sense after my first arrived, but not after my bald little baby girl arrived. Now I know, the acid reflux was due to the waistlines (above or below my growing bump) or the stretchy maternity gym pants that were (even if just slightly) squishing my belly..... 

I wanted to wear something chic, that felt like a second skin, that I didn't have to think about when I woke up in the morning ready to wrangle 2 very demanding kids. I just didn't have time anymore to try on and see what fits..... I wanted something that could be my 'Go-To' layer, so all I needed to do was accessorize with a boot or shoe and a coat, kimono, jacket or silky robe.... the idea was so bulletproof to me and practical for a busy mother of two with a business and a career going on. For my third pregnancy, I decided I needed to make something happen. 

BUMPSUIT was born.... (that aha! moment) just that comfortable, smooth, cozy fabric, extending over my belly, with no seam or elastic to create any discomfort. Add a heel or boot, something to throw over like a coat or silky robe, maybe a hat and a bag and you are done! I have also never had so many compliments of one of my outfits, pregnant or not! Honestly, there were nights I even took off my shoes and jacket and face planted into my bed BUMPSUIT and all, only to wake up the next morning to put a new jacket and boot option on, and feel great walking out the door with a new (comfortable as anything) look.  I felt like it was cheating to feel this good and be a mother of two, pregnant and seem pulled together, even though I may or may not have had an opportunity to shower (you know what it is mamas). 

BUMPSUIT is not only for all stages of pregnancy and post partum, it is also for you girl.... to go out on a date, or hang with your girlfriends, attract a man (trust me the men love them as much as we do). I myself will have a closet full of BUMPSUITS for all eternity, they look great pregnant or not, are a great addition to style your look with on any occasion or season, and they are guaranteed comfort. 

It's crazy to think that now, I have worn a version of my BUMPSUIT every single day of every trimester... with no question or discomfort. It has made my life and my days so much easier and more pleasant as a pregnant woman. When other mamas and friends ask me how I look so pulled together and stylish with all I have going on, my answer is BUMPSUIT. I don't know how I would be doing all without it (a moment of silence and appreciation for the BUMPSUIT)

I am so excited that I am now able to extend this comfort and style to you all out there. When your BUMPSUIT arrives, make sure to tag us on insta so we can see and share how you styled your own #bumpsuit look. 


LOVE to all the women of the world



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