The BelliBind x Bumpsuit Kit - Limited Edition collaboration

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The BelliBind x Bumpsuit Kit

Limited edition collaboration

Included is Bumpsuit Support Waist trainer, the winner of 2 Moms Choice award, (available in 5 sizes), along with this is our limited editorial collaboration with Bellibinds Belli Besties wrap kit the most popular belly binding set. 

This dynamic duo wrap and belli oil set with an optional 30min virtual wrap coaching session with our team of wrap and recovery experts to ensure a perfect custom fit for a small additional fee (not just a how-to-video)! We believe creating a ritualized recovery experience sets a strong foundation for self-love and healing after birth– with our personalized wrap experience you’ll feel more connected to your body and womb space.


  • BUMPSUIT support waist trainer is a Compression Waist Trainer made with soft seamless elastic fabric and metal boning to keep you feeling supported and comfortable during postpatrum and beyond.
  • ultra hydrating and skin firming Shine Belli Oil (included) is jam packed with 5 active botanical ingredients that penetrate deep beyond the dermis layer soothing inflammation, bloating, loose skin and water retention.
  • Luxe, gentle, and seamless compression without boning or velcro, ensures ultra comfort that makes sleeping in a dream —your womb will be thanking you for many months after!
  • Relieves slouching posture related to nursing/holding baby and weak core muscles. 
  • Binding after a Surgical Birth enhances recovery after surgery and with our virtual wrap & recovery coaching support, you get an expert fit every-time and reduces pain with movement.
  1. Made for All Moms
    1. 100% customizable with Bellibinds custom fitted wrap fits sizes 0-2XL and is the perfect way to transition into Bumpsuits shapewear once the swelling has been gently reduced down.
  2. 1-1 Wrap & Recovery Coaching
    1. Ritualize your after birth recovery experience to support your physical and emotional healing. With Bellibinds live video call option you have access to a wrap and recovery specialist to ensure you set a healthy foundation for your self-love practice post-birth. Your own personal postpartum doula is just a click away.
  3. Fast & Effective Results
    1. Thanks to these two powerhouse binds your body will feel hugged in all the right places! Your uterus and digestive organs will have a smooth transition and expedited healing when you follow our special binding program.


Included in Box

  • Bumpsuit Support Waist trainer - Select your size (recommended to start with a size XL and work your way down.) 
  • Bellibind Belli Besties Wrap - One Size
  • Shine Belli Oil


Bumpsuit is a modern brand that is reshaping the maternity and postpartum space, empowering women to embrace their curves and feel effortless and chic during one of the most beautiful times of their lives. The mission is to serve woman and offer garments and accessories that support a mothers transitions and give the ultimate luxury of comfort and ease.

Bumpsuit was created in Los Angeles by a mother of 3 and is run by a team of women that put women and their little ones first.