Rumer “Lou Blue” x Bumpsuit - Armadillo Baby Carrier

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Rumer “Lou Blue” X Bumpsuit - Armadillo Baby Carrier

Armadillo means ‘little armored one,’ and is a symbol of protection.
We created the armadillo thinking of how cute your little bundle of
joy will be wrapped up in this protective shell-like carrier.
We hope you have the most joyful adventures with your little one,
and create cheerful memories that will last a lifetime.

This collaboration merges BUMPSUIT's maternity expertise with RUMER WILLIS's design finesse, creating an exclusive baby carrier that exudes style and functionality. The Lou Blue edition promises a chic design with a powerful message. A reminder that "all you seek lies within" and sometimes in life what we are searching for, is right here, within us. We are honored to welcome this limited release and the new Lou Blue hue!

I'm thrilled about my recent collaboration with Bumpsuit, the beautiful "Lou blue" I named after my daughter's eye color. The Armadillo is perfect for our favorite activities with Lou. We enjoy farmers markets, beach outings, and walks with our dog Atlantis as the carrier has an elastic tab that's perfect for attaching her leash. When traveling, I carry extra outfits, more diapers than anticipated, and a spare binky which can easily be stashed in the carrier's mesh pockets. The standout feature of the Armadillo baby carrier for me, is the sun cover, providing sun protection and privacy for on-the-go breastfeeding. It was the perfect place to embroider the reminder to all beautiful & strong mamas "all you seek lies within."

Product Description 


    • Made from: Plush, Boucle, quilted shell offers the ultimate comfort and luxury for your little one.
    • Padded Lumbar Support, essential to support your back.
    • Well balanced design overall to give you and your body ease and the feeling of lightness.
    • Designed to support you and your baby in the best way possible
    • Two mesh pockets designed to securely fit your essentials (phone, keys, wallet)
    • A water bottle hook sits on the supportive belt, along with a buttoned elastic tab, perfect leash holder for your furry friend.
    • Weather cover sits hidden inside a padded pillow support, with a button located on the shoulder strap to secure the hood.
    • Adjustable leg guard to transition from parent facing position to world facing position. Please note: Outward-Facing (aka World Facining) is only recommended if a child is 6 months or older.
    • User friendly padded cross over back straps, with accessible side buckles
    • Durable accessories and design
    • Made to be worn for long durations with ease
    • We designed the surface area to allow baby and mama to have a good airflow, the actual carrier is padded and upholstered to offer comfort and support for baby as well as a perfectly balanced construction so mama feels less weight. This carrier is suitable for all climates.
    • Only use this carrier for babies between 7 LBS and 45 LBS (suitable from newborn)


  • It is important to adjust the leg guard position using the adjustable Velcro, to ensure your baby's legs are in the "M" position. 
  • If you are using the baby carrier for a long period of time, we recommend using the parent facing position.
  • Spot clean only
  • Fabric composition 100% Polyester

View the Armadillo instructional manual here.

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