Mama to be shares her tips on Pregnancy Style, and meeting her baby daddy in BUMPSUIT! 



  • How has your style changed as your body has changed? 

 Comfort is key during pregnancy. I’m always sourcing  pieces that are not too tight and breathable. I prefer to wear dresses during my pregnancy. 

  • Can you describe your pregnancy style? 

 My pregnancy style is comfortable, cute and on trend. 

  • What is your perfect go-to pregnancy outfit, one for day and one for night?

 A bumpsuit long dress with flats during the day. At night a bumpsuit cat suit with kitten heels or knee high boots. Matched with a blazer. 

  • Tell us the love story behind meeting your partner for the first time in BUMPSUIT.

 BUMPSUIT isn’t just for the pregnant mamas - I love wearing the catsuits/bodysuits ! It was super ideal to wear during the cold season in London, as well. 

I wore one of my favorite one piece catsuits from bumpsuit,  the night I met my partner Matthew. It definitely left him with a good impression it seems LOL. 

  • What are your top three favorite pieces from BUMPSUIT?

 The jane maternity dress , the ashley bodysuit and the  kate maternity bumpsuit 

  • What types of accessories and brands do you use to style your BUMPSUITS?

 Biker hats , high heeled boots , blazers and oversized shirts would be my personal way to style my bumpsuits 

  • If you were gifting BUMPSUITS to a best friend or new mom, which pieces do you recommend?

 The support waist trainer , the kate maternity bumpsuit and the cloud robe. The cloud collection is great for the hospital and postpartum. 

  • As a first-time mom, what are you most excited about and what are your fears? 

 I’m anxiously waiting to meet my little one. I cant wait to meet him . I’m excited to be so in love and call myself a mum. My fears would be that I can’t protect him and keep him safe from everything in life. I know that he will grow up and have to learn from his mistakes and be independent. 

  • How has your pregnancy been - the good, the bad, and the ugly? 

 I’ve loved my pregnancy journey. So far, its been easy! I’ve had some migraines, extreme back pain and growing pains . But all of that,  comes with the territory of pregnancy. 

I have been so excited to see my bump grow and see the changes to my body. Its been fascinating to witness. 

  • What do you plan on keeping in your hospital bag and what plans do you have for post-partum recovery?

 Comfortable pajamas, postpartum care necessities, peanut ball ( for epidural), battery candles, speakers for music and baby clothes . 

My plan is to take my time to heal and enjoy every moment with my newborn. I need the time to understand my child and create a routine. My main focus would be taking care of my little one.

  • Do you have any daily affirmations or words of encouragement that you can share with women that are also currently pregnant?

 Every pregnancy is different - every growing bump and story will be different. Dont compare yourself and worry. Do what feels right for you and your baby. 

  • What are your hopes for your child and for the future of all children? 

 I hope he arrives healthy and happy. I hope my child and all children are surrounded with unconditional love and support. I pray they stay safe and feel protected as they grow. 




SHANINA SHAIK for Bumpsuit Maternity Shoot

August 01, 2022 — nicole trunfio