As a working mom of 3, I am always asked if there are any brands that I would recommend to new parents that will help both baby and mom sleep. 

SNOO, a smart sleeper and the first of Happiest Baby’s smart products reduces crying, boosts sleep with white noise, and naturally sleep trains as it gently rocks baby. It is also the world’s first bed to prevent accidental roll overs, which will help mom sleep easier each night. 

While you may have already heard of the SNOO smart sleeper and its sleek design, I was interested to learn more about the brand’s range of products and its founder’s background. Founded by Dr. Harvey Karp and his wife Nina Montee-Karp, Happiest Baby creates science-based products, content, and services to enhance your child’s well-being. Dr. Karp is a celebrated pediatrician and child development expert whose books and videos The Happiest Baby on the BlockThe Happiest Toddler on the Block, and The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep have been translated into many languages making him the world’s most renowned baby and sleep experts!  


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August 26, 2021 — nicole trunfio