In my previous life as a model,  I travelled all over the world and worked with the best in the industry- Tom Ford, Valentino, Chanel, Gucci, Versace... you name it. I was also introduced to the best behind the scenes artists, namely hair, skincare and makeup, which was an entirely new world to me after growing up in a small town in  Australia. Through the years I have learned many techniques and had many routines, and as a mom my priorities have evolved. I now love things to be natural and clean, but also really effective. 

I discovered Furtuna Skincare and immediately incorporated it into my skincare regimen. Founded by Agatha Luczo, the award-winning brand is based in Sicily on an 800 acre farm where most of the ingredients for its products are foraged. The result is pure, unpolluted, wildly potent plants and botanicals that are part of each formulation. Agatha is as committed to the clean beauty movement as she is to leaving the world a better place for her 4 children, and for her that means a brand that is certified organic, free of toxins, and clean verified- as well as safe for women during pregnancy and postpartum (including breastfeeding.)

"At the heart of Furtuna Skin is the heritage and roots of my family in our 800 acre organic La Furtuna Estate. As stewards of this land, we care deeply about boosting the local Sicilian economy with much-needed job creation, conserving Sicily’s biodiversity through sustainable and regenerative farming, and protection of endangered species and wildlife that live there. As a mother of four, I immediately connected with Bumpsuit and Nicole's reasons for starting it. They were so similar to my own with Furtuna Skin! With little ones, you focus more of your time and energy on them so high quality essentials that make your life easier are so necessary. You can tell Bumpsuit really does that for women and it makes them feel confident and beautiful during times when everything else in your life (and body!) is changing. As a mother, if you can find things that make you feel good AND they're practical, you have found magic."

Bumpsuit will be doing a LIVE with them next Wednesday at 3pm central, and we would love for you to join us. Also- because I love this line so much- we will be offering our community a discount code for any Furtuna purchases,  20% off all purchases, enter code NICOLE 20 at checkout with this link

August 16, 2021 — nicole trunfio